IOP is a good choice for aftercare

Intensive outpatient treatment has grown significantly in popularity and availability throughout the country.

IOP’s have long have been a separate treatment model but have become more frequently recommended by specialists in combination with the transition from inpatient residential treatment. Addiction treatment centers are now setting up intake appointments for their patients to access an intensive outpatient program near their home so they can continue treatment upon their discharge.  The IOP uses that same group support with shared experience, but IOP’s are headed and facilitated by an experienced, qualified team of medical professionals, who can take the group therapeutic model to a higher success probability.

It is also likely to find among the professional staff who head IOP’s, a counselor or therapist who also is in recovery themselves. For decades it has been a popular career choice for recovering addicts to pursue a career in the addiction treatment community and give back by helping to counsel others they can easily relate to.  The Beaches Treatment Center has just this, the tools and guidance which are required for long term sobriety.  We can help you to build a strong foundation for your recovery and transition back into everyday life.

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